Sunday, January 8, 2012

Creating Music with Garageband

When I first got my Mac G3, I was ecstatic. Here was the computer dreams were made of. It had a slick interface with the newly installed Mac OS X Tiger, it was a pretty teal and white color, and it had programs. Oh, did it have programs. There was a drawing program, a music program, a video editing program, as well as a web browsing program. For a young child of twelve who had been using an old HP 9000 Model 710 from the time she was seven, the Blue and White G3 was an amazing computer. Around the time when high school started, my parents upgraded me to a Mac Mini. It was a dream come true. The Mini had far better graphics capabilities than the G3, allowing me to start programming video games. I started using Blender, a 3D graphics generation program.

About three to four years later, I took a basic music composition class in college. After the class, I sat down with GarageBand. I'd had some experience with GarageBand from a video game project in high school, and so was fairly familiar with the interface. After about two days of work in the program, with much experimentation and research, I was able to create this song.

This song that I created was based mostly on my knowledge of triads and the key of C Major. After being successful with this song and having my dad say that he wanted to write a video game to go with the song, I decided that this music composition thing was pretty cool. Now, at this point in time, I've written one album and am nearing the end of my second.

If you're curious to hear my other compositions, they can be found at:

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