Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Movie Making

This last Saturaday, I decided that I wanted to record a film. In this film, I decided that I would use what I had learned about Blender to create 3-dimensional graphics to add to the film. It would also be an opportunity for me to stretch my writing and music brain and get it some needed exercise. The concept of the movie wasn't hard to come up with: it was an idea that I had had since my Physics class, last semester. Creating the script and music wont be too hard: I just have to sit down and do it. Creating the special effects and computer graphics will be a bit challenging, but very rewarding. I like a bit of a challenge. Directing and filming would be the hard parts. Getting a group of people to do exactly what you want is impossible; there are too many variables, such as how long your throat will hold out and how engaged the crowd is. This last Saturday, I went around Sac Anime, handing out flyers declaring that there would be a movie filming happening at 1:30pm. Of the 40 flyers that I handed out, I'm not so sure that anyone that got one showed up. I, unfortunately, chose the fountain to be the meeting place for the filming. As it turned out, there were two fountains. I waited patiently by the fountain I had meant for about ten minutes before I sent my sister off to investigate the other fountain. There was a large group of people at the other fountain, so we moved over there. I stood around with a camera on a tripod for a while, feeling nervous and self-conscious, desperately hoping that someone would wander up and say, "Are you that movie girl?" No one did. Fortunately, there was an annoying Sasuke cosplayer that my sister and I chased around. He kept saying that he was really gonna hurt us. Anytime now. Especially if we hit him again. ... Let's just say that a tall, strong man with a claimed, recent knowledge of martial arts ran away from two small women in pretty dresses with a decayed knowledge of martial arts. After burning off my nervous energy and winning a fight, I felt much more confident. I started hollering to random passers-by that I would be recording a movie and that anyone was welcome to join. Who could pass that offer up? I soon had a small, but growing crowd of people. As I explained the concept of the movie and what we'd be doing, I engaged their interest. When we all moved over to the grass, the anticipation started to rise. When I told them that the first scene we'd be recording would involve them running away and screaming, everyone was excited. I gave as minimalistic directions as I could to allow for some creative ad-libbing, and our first scene was recorded. Everyone who had been standing nearby watching got invited to join the filming process. At the end of the filming, I off-loaded the partially stale cookies that I had brought with me to the crowd of people that had stuck with me. I passed around a signup sheet, handed out business cards, and then packed up my stuff. I was satisfied that I had a good starting base of scenes to work off of. So now, all I have left to record is the rest of the movie. Which, unfortunately, happens to be the better part of the movie, at this point. So, with four days left until college starts, I'm left in a bit of a pickle. I have no one cast for the main roles of the movie, I have no footage for first few scenes, and I still have to prepare for my college classes. I have decided that I will turn over the filming to whomever feels themselves capable and judge the results by using the wonderful medium of YouTube. If you think that you have what it takes to be a filmer or an actor/actress, check out my YouTube Channel. A Casting Call video is posted there. Also, the second scene that I filmed at Sac Anime is up on YouTube now, too.

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