Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Script for Movie

This is a script for a movie that will be called 'Why You Should Share.' It has been posted here for the convenience of all who have watch this video and are interested in participating.

Script to Be Filmed

Note: 'He,' 'his,' and 'him' are used in here only as a matter of convenience. The actors can be male or female.

Scene 1 - Set in a fairly urban environment
<A kid is bouncing a ball up and down. (The ball will be computer generated.) Another kid enters the scene.>
Kid with Ball: Hey.
Other Kid: Hey.
<Brief silence.>
Other Kid: Can I play with your ball?
Kid with Ball: Pcchh. No.
<Kid with Ball continues to bounce ball. Other Kid gets frustrated and exists scene.>

Scene 2 - House setting
<Other Kid enters scene, stomping around and generally acting grouchy.>
Other Kid:<muttering> Stupid… Won't let me play… just wanted…
<Other Kid continues to act upset and sits down.>
Other Kid:<muttering> I'll show him. Won't share, will he? Need a plan. Good plan…
<Other Kid sits and thinks or a while, then moves to a desk and begins working on something.>

Scene 3 - Outdoor setting (Avoid long grass and similar obstacles. Be sure to shoot at an angle where the ground is visible.)
<Show Other Kid testing various ideas ranging from a remote control Barbie car (or like) to a teddy bear. Note: All ideas he tests must involve a remote control device of some sort. Feel free to ad-lib on this. It should be silly, but not annoyingly so. Remember that Other Kid is still rather angry.>

Scene 4 - Outdoor setting (Same restraints as previous scene.)
<Zoomed in shot of Other Kid. His back is to the camera.>
Other Kid: Finally!
<Other Kid turns around. A remote control can be seen in his hands.>
Other Kid: A plan that's sure to work!
<Cut to zoomed out scene of Other Kid standing next to a large patch of open ground. The gravity sphere will be composited into this scene. Do not attempt to touch the gravity sphere.>
<Other Kid bends over his remote control. Gravity Sphere will take off, at which point, Other Kid should laugh maniacally.>

Scene 5 - Urban setting
<Kid with Ball is standing, continuing to bounce the computer generated ball. The Gravity Sphere will fly over head, stealing the ball he was playing with. At this point, Kid with Ball will stare down at where the ball was, then look off to where the gravity sphere went. Note: The gravity sphere will fly over head, moving from one side of the camera view to the other, then off screen.>
Kid with Ball: Hey! That's mine!
<Kid with Ball chases after the Gravity Sphere.>

Scene 7 - Same as Scene 4
Other Kid: What? No! Of all the times for you to act up on me!
<Other Kid fumbles with remote control to try to get it to work.>

Scene 9 - Same as Scene 7
<Other Kid is fussing with the remote control a little more frantically.>

Scene 11 - Same as Scene 9
<Other Kid drops the remote and screams.>

Scene 13 - Set in front of a computer
Other Kid: Whadd'ya mean, I gotta 'update the OS?!'

Scene 15 - Same as Scene 13
<Other Kid squints at computer screen.>
Other Kid: 'Update is complete. You must now restart the system.'
Other Kid: Fine. (Voice should sound resigned.)
<Punches key on keyboard.>

Scene X - Same as Scene 15
<Other Kid squints at computer screen.>
Other Kid: 'Congradulations. Your update is complete. Which star system would you like to visit?'
<Other Kid sits back and looks befuddled.>
Other Kid: Huh?

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