Friday, May 31, 2013

And They Shall Conquer the World in Silly Costumes

So I was driving around in Roseville, going shopping for my various supplies for my classes, and getting hopelessly lost. As I was fuming at a stoplight, I happened to notice a dude in a Statue of Liberty costume, waving a Liberty Mutual sign and waving to people. I waved back.

Then I got to thinking, in the way that a mad scientist does. If that dude were to just be standing on the corner in his normal togs, waving to people, he'd be considered a public oddity and would probably be attack by the police for suspicion of being under the influence of whatever. Mothers would hurry past with their small children, big, beefy men would come up to the dude and tell him to "buzz off. You're bothering my girlfriend."

But, put that same dude in a costume, however dorky, and let him continue to wave, suddenly he becomes alright. Kids wave at him through windows, big beefy men honk their horns as they drive past, and police only give him the gimlet eye.

My conclusion to all of this? Put big scary robots in colorful, silly costumes, and suddenly world domination will be accepted with smiles, waves, and cheerful car horns.

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