Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life Lessons Learned from Mad Men

I've been watching Mad Men, lately. In short, it's a show based in the late '50s, early '60s about the business men that work on Madison Ave. in NY. There's a lot of politics (not the congressional sort), people interactions, and a few clever advertising schemes. The men are either married, have mistresses, or both.

The show's gotten me thinking. A lot of the smart women in the show get what they want, but they put themselves out to get it. Sometimes, I think that I could get more out of life if I were to be like that. I always come to the conclusion that it isn't worth it, though, and that I'm not that kind of person. I have to get what I want the hard way by working for it honestly. And then, there's the fact that I can't flirt to save my life. I'm better at putting my feet behind my head. God help me.

So, thank goodness for some personal short-comings, eh?

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