Friday, June 21, 2013

Monsters University: I'm Seeing It For the Lighting

Well. Crap. I might just have to see Monsters University, now.

Apparently, Pixar is the grand master of faking shadows, reflections, and refractions in its movies. At least, they were. Now, apparently, they completely reworked their lighting system to use REAL raytracing, shadows, etc.

The reason I'm not super excited about seeing it is because of the advertisements and because of Brave. The ads I've been seeing in the theater for MU have been pretty bad looking. It looks like there's little to no plot, the characters look like cardboard cut-out representations of the original characters, and the monsters from Mon. Inc. seemed more like the GED, blue-collar type to me than college grads. In their defense, the ads for The Incredibles were horribly terrible and portrayed the movie as being a series of fat guy jokes. Turns out, the movie was AMAZING. All the same, this movie seems to be built for a 'target audience' of college students, post-college grads, and anyone who loves dumb college jokes/humour/setups.

But, in light of all of this, the inner animation nerd in me screams that the movie could be okay and enough to tolerate, especially since it will be a demonstration of animation technology. Pixar, regardless of how bad the plots and stories are for their movies, the technology is always top-notch. And a job at Pixar is what my dreams are made of.

I went to see Brave for the hair, even if the story was an old story, rewrapped and trimmed. Now, I'll probably see MU for the lighting.

As complaints go, though, complaining about having to see a movie is kinda low on the world problems list.

(Bee tee dubs, guys, here's the article that I found out about the lighting in.)

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