Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Punk: The Non-Conformist's Uniform

You know what bothers me about punk? It's not supposed to be mainstream. And yet darn near everyone, their uncle, and their dog is 'punk.' The spiky, multicoloured hair isn't edgy: it's cool. Stickin' it to The Man is commonplace. Anarchy is considered to be thoughtful, not rebellious. And you know what really drives me crazy? Punk, while claiming to be the Rebellion, attributes it political philosophy to one of the most common and accepted types of political thinking: Liberalism. (Based on the election results, anyways.)

What I want to know is why kids aren't trying to rebel more. Why are kids rebelling against their liberal parents? "Forget the Earth! We don't need it! We've got Mars! KILL THE EARTH!" "I don't want to be gender-conscious! One way or the other! I'm going to bake a cake, sew a dress, then weld my robot together."

And don't get me started on their clothing. While they claim to be Stickin' It to the Man, they buy mass-produced clothing from multi-million dollar corporations. "I'm gonna wear clothing that every other nonconformist wears!" LAME. Why not make your own clothing? Get the cloth out of a dumpster, use your floss for thread. And put some ruffled collars on your shirts. No one will see that coming. And, you won't be paying money the The Man.

Know what? Forget punk. I'm going to start my own nonconformist movement called Skunje. We don't wear mass-produced clothing, we don't side with any 'proper' political philosophy, and we'll frost cupcakes and program in C++ in the same day.

THAT'S non-conformist.

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