Friday, June 14, 2013

ZBrush: The First Experiences

My First Sculpt

While I was going to school, this year, I was eagerly anticipating the time when my classes would end. I couldn't wait until I had free time because, as soon as school was over, I could begin learning how to use the amazing modelling program ZBrush.

For those of you that aren't into modelling or animation, ZBrush is essentially a program that lets you sculpt and model on the computer in the same sort of fashion that you would with clay. It gives you lots of flexibility and a lot of tools to fully express your creativity. It's also one of the best programs in the industry, not to mention one of the cheapest at the low price of $700. For those of you that just suffered from a minor heart attack, let me give you some examples: 
AutoDesk Mudbox                    $795
AutoCAD                                 $5,525
3DS Max                                 $3,675
Maya                                       $3,675
Cinema4D Prime                       $995
EIAS 9                                       $895
LightWave 3D                        $1,485

Since Autodesk Maya is one of the most commonly used software packages for 3D modelling and animation, I hope you can see why $700 is such a bargain. But even with this price tag, the question arises: "How did a poor college student (with claims of a savings of 7 cents) afford ZBrush?" Let's just say that I have connections with a business owner who owns the software.

All that aside, I've been working with ZBrush for a couple weeks now. While it can be EXTREMELY frustrating, it is also the most beautiful and glorious thing I have ever used. My first forays into ZBrush produced some bizzare creations (especially when I learned clip brushes). But, I also produced some semi-finished pieces, the first of which you can see in my picture and here, on my YouTube Channel. My dragon head was created with nothing but the sculpt brushes and a PolySphere. For those of you that know about ZSpheres, you can understand why, shortly after I learned how to make a ZSpheres body for my dragon, my first proclamation to the world, via FaceBook, was:

I have just discovered my true love: ZSpheres. We will be wed next week.

For those of you that don't know what ZSpheres are, I recommend you go here

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