Monday, September 1, 2014

Web Comic Dilemma

Well, guys, I have a problem. I have two web comic ideas that I really want to do. Both are very story-oriented. Both involve a fairly complicated style of drawing.

My 'Fahrenheit 451 and March of the Morons meets Smurfs with Syringes' story is a little less are intensive, but is story intensive. It's also more of a short story, so it would be hard to make a continuous web comic of it.

My second story, 'Power Suit Girls Solve a Mystery a Month' is *very* art intensive. I would want to do ink and water colour in a realistic style. Think of the better Marvel and DC comic. It isn't as story intensive as my smurfs comic would be, but I would still have to generate a sci-fi mystery story a month. And I would have to do more than 1 comic a week. You just can't have a good mystery in 4 pages.

I think I've settled on restarting my Mini Ninjas comic. It is not only easy to draw (pen on paper), the art style is supposed to be really crappy. Also, the comic is very much joke oriented. It'd be much easier for a first time reader to jump in and get instant entertainment.

Now for the self-promotion: check out my website! You can find my Mini Ninjas comic here:
I also have a selection of other stupid comics, the stupidest of which are my Harry Potter comics, found here:

Have fun and comment!

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