Friday, February 27, 2015

Prismacolor Markers: Life Changing Experiences

Scared Girl
So my wonderful baby sister got me some Prismacolor markers that I've been eyeballing for a couple years now, but could never justify buying for myself. I kind of feel like I'm doing a sponsored ad for them, because I've been raving about them all week.

It's really nice to have some legitimate artist markers, rather than trying to limp along with Crayola. In Crayola's defense, they make a lot of art supplies available to artists that would otherwise be too poor to get them. Also, they give a basis for getting familiar with the tools and for fully appreciating the real thing.

My first experiment with the markers was my Scared Girl piece. She's a character I've been using since last year. She's loosely based on Jhonen Vasquez's art style, which makes her easy to draw. Also, she's great for action poses, which is kind of what I designed her to be for. She's kinda like Scoobie Doo and Shaggy: always running into scary horror-film monsters that she can do nothing about. Not that I've drawn a lot of pictures like that for her. I'm hoping to do a simple animation with her at some point.

Bug Eyes
My next piece was a character with a better design. I've got no real name for her, so I'll just refer to her as Bug Eyes. I drew her in about half an hour, then colored her in. I'll admit that I was watching Invader Zim while working on it, so the look has probably been influenced by that.

All in all, I've had a wonderful time learning how to use my new markers, my grandest piece thus far being my Snow White piece. My biggest complaint is that the set that I've got doesn't have much in the way of skin tones or grays. I've had to buy my own gray, but won't be able to afford more markers for a little while yet.