Monday, May 9, 2016

Marvel's Civil War: More Like a Small Scuffle

So on Friday, I put on my Deadpool costume and headed out with a group of friends to see Marvel's newest movie, Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately, it lived down to my expectations. As I understand it, the original Civil War timeline from the comic books was more like an actual civil war, with huge amounts of supers fighting against each other, rather than the 10 or so Avengers having a minor scuffle. This was pretty disappointing for me. Not to mention that having superheros fighting with each other isn't really all that exciting. I'm pretty sure that Captain America and Tony Stark could have just hugged it out.

The most exciting part of the movie for me was when we got to meet the new Spiderman. It's kind of silly that we have had three different renditions of Spiderman in the last 14 years. I'm very sad that we'll never see anymore 'The Amazing Spiderman' movies with Garfield. They were all very solid Spiderman movies in my opinion. I guess I'm going to have to settle for the end of the series as depicted in HISHE, where Superman went back in time and saved Gwen. Dispite my disappointment, there's certainly something to be said for a Spiderman that is actually a teenager. I can tell you that I'm a little sick of Hollywood, Disney, and everyone else casting 30+ year-old actors as high schoolers. There are plenty of good child actors out there.

While Civil War was a disappointment, it had it's moments of greatness that will keep me coming back to see Marvel's Avengers movies. The fight scenes were interesting and the graphics were great. I thought it was kind of stupid to have all the heroes charging each other face on, though. I suspect that scene was only there to make the previews seem more exciting. That sort of scene is what you put on the front of a comic book to quickly tell readers what they can expect and to get them excited about the story line. In reality, a head on charge is not a strong combat maneuver.

Overall, the movie was a bit of a disappointment. I wouldn't say that it's not worth seeing, unless you're someone that's easily disgusted by crappy plots. The characters' actions were forced and were poorly written in some scenes, but were dead-on to the characters' personalities in others. The ending was disappointing and unsatisfying, but there were a lot of people that enjoyed it anyways. Most of the people that saw this movie in the theater with me, including all my friends, loved the movie. If you're a teenager or a twenty-thirty something, you'll doubtless enjoy this movie. I'm in that age category, but I'm more critical of movies than most people.

If nothing else, see this movie for Spiderman, Deadpool approved.

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